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Unlock the Full Potential of Windows 11

Windows 11 Low-Cost Education Devices​

In the fast-paced world of education, efficient, affordable, reliable and durable devices are crucial to productivity. Whether you are a school board faced with the challenge of replacing student devices, an educator seeking a reliable and durable device or a student on a budget, low-cost Windows 11 education devices check the affordability box while also ensuring the user is productive with the latest Windows 11 built in.

The ASUS B SERIES is a performer if you are looking for productivity but also value durability. For school boards who are looking to replace devices, the ASUS B SERIES will not only allow students to complete their course work, but excel in doing so. Multitasking is a breeze with this device. 

Check out this student lesson for unique ways to use Microsoft Word in Science.

While this machine is friendly for all budgets at $399.00 (MSRP), it also performs with a battery life that will keep students focused on their coursework and not wondering where their charger is. With US military grade reliability, you can have peace of mind that this device is prepared for dynamic and unique school days.

For school boards, students and educators who value security and privacy, look no further than the HP PRO X360 FORTIS featuring HP Sure View Reflects and HP security. With an integrated privacy screen, users can be productive and protected from unauthorized viewing. The privacy screen can also come in handy when students are individually working through Minecraft challenges or lessons

Check out our Beginner's Guide to Minecraft Education to help you learn more about using Minecraft in your classroom.

As video calls and remote work have become fixtures in our lives, the HP PRO X360 FORTIS is a great option for highly active users, as it delivers optimal video conferencing options with a high quality webcam, clear audio and display.

From staff meetings to classroom presentations, the ACER TMB311R excels in flexibility. This device boasts a touch screen and Windows Ink, making transitions seamless and efficient. As an educator, the flexibility in design allows this device to keep up with the unique moments in your day.  

This student lesson will help your students optimize and rehearse their presentation.

Up to 12 hours of battery life means a worry free day at work on the days when you forget your charger at home. Looking for an affordable, yet durable option for replacing a class set or school wide devices? The ACER TMB311R offers a great option at $499.00 (MSRP), especially with anchored keys and easily replaceable keyboards for peace of mind with shared devices amongst elementary and middle school students. For classroom educators, there is a battery life indicator on the front cover of this device, minimizing distractions and uninterrupted activities.

The LENOVO 100W G4 promotes a productive and interactive learning environment for both students and educators. This device allows you to seamlessly navigate through digital resources, educational applications and multimedia content. School boards looking to maximize their return when investing in school-wide devices will be pleased with the LENOVO 100W G4’s repairability features, as educational environments can be unpredictable. Components of the LENOVO can be easily replaced, to ensure the down time of the device is minimized. As an educator, the fast charging abilities of this device are a massive advantage when time is of the essence during your day.

Whether you are running to your next staff meeting, video conferencing, building a Minecraft lesson, or a school district replacing school wide devices, low-cost Windows 11 education devices have high performing options for every budget! You can check out these low-cost Windows 11 education devices on TD SYNNEX ECExpress.

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Whether you’re preparing for a job interview or want to prepare your students for future careers, Microsoft OneNote is a versatile tool in Windows 11 to create digital portfolios. Inside this lesson, we’ll highlight tools within OneNote to make your portfolio pop!

Student Lesson - Powerful Presentations

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Student Lesson - Creative Expression with Sway

Whether your students are working on a presentation or independent project, Microsoft Sway has many templates and options to support creative expression. Learn how to customize “cards” through prompts, templates, videos, images and text.  In this lesson, we’ll also brainstorm some of the endless possibilities of Microsoft Sway.

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Student Lesson - Productivity with Microsoft Word

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Join us to learn how to get the most out of Microsoft Word! Did you know you could insert your own drawings and press replay? Dial in this tool with Windows Ink and touch screen devices! We’ll dive into this and many more tips and tricks using Microsoft Word to create assignments for students at any grade level!

Student Lesson - Exploring the Office Template Gallery

Are you tired of marking assignments that look the same?  Do you want to play Sudoku on ready made templates in Microsoft Excel? Join us as we explore the Office Template Gallery. We’ll dive into Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and learn how you can spice up assignments, lessons and even create travel timelines with photos!  Productivity with Microsoft Office tools will never be the same again!

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Student Lesson - OneNote Escape Rooms

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Almost as sweet as honey! Join us for an adventure through OneNote.  Regardless of your experience with Escape Rooms, we’ll guide you through (and include some hints to ensure you escape!).  We’ll also dive into escape room design and how you can get started building puzzles for your students!

Student Lesson - Accessibility Inside the Edge Browser

Join us for an overview of accessibility inside the Edge Browser that excels at ensuring all students, regardless of skills, abilities and backgrounds, feel comfortable and can access internet browsing. In this lesson, you’ll discover features such as keyboard shortcuts – that function especially well with anchored keys!

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