TDSB Partnership with The Cobblestone Collective

Professional Development at Your Own Pace

Our classroom Google Workspace for Education tools are essential.

These days you barely have time to run to the washroom, let alone sit and watch an hour long workshop!

You know that a few new ideas and tips could help you connect with your students and save time… if only you had more time.

It’s the old catch 22, but fret not, friend! We created our G Suite Basics for Teachers Play & Pause for educators just like you. All of the basics you need to learn in one place, all at your own pace.

So here’s your chance to give it a go and feel confident trying it in your classroom.


Learning at your own pace, and on your own schedule, is important.  That’s why we created our Play & Pause resources.

  • Each resource contains short instructional videos showing you exactly what you need to know.
  • You can pause and rewind that video at any time – no more falling behind!
  • Each video is paired with a set of tasks to practice what you’ve just learned.  We know practice makes perfect, so here’s your time to give it a go.

Our Play & Pause learning resource shares tips and tricks on using the following tools in your classroom:

  • Google Drive
  • Google Docs and Slides
  • Google Forms and Sheets
  • Google Classroom
  • Gmail and Google Calendar
  • Google Sites

Bring professional Devleopment to your school

At The Cobblestone Collective, we pride ourselves in providing engaging, hands-on learning opportunities, easily accessible for your staff and students, conducted via video conference.

Each of our highly qualified facilitators creates a thoughtful and purposeful learning environment that will allow your team the opportunity to learn, create, and reflect.

Recognizing that the learning continues even after the workshop is complete, we continue to be available via email to answer questions and provide “next steps” for all participants who attend our professional development workshops.

Click the button below to start the conversation with us about bringing customized professional development to your school!