STEAMing Ahead 2021

In collaboration with Google Canada, we celebrated STEAM with a full day of virtual learning, with 5,800+ classes* across Canada, explored CS First, coding, art, and more!

*That’s over 116,000 students!

STEAMing Ahead 2021 was on May 25th, 2021, and was full of learning for students across Canada (and beyond).

This full-day virtual student conference was created to support educators, students, and families after a difficult school year.  More than this, it was a day of celebration and exploring various topics within STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) to inspire the development of digital and technical skills.

Powered by Google for Education and Canadian Googlers, each 45-minute co-taught lesson allowed students to problem-solve, think critically, and create, all while exploring how these skills come into play in the workplace.  Below you will find the recorded videos to use with your students and resources to support that learning.

All Grade Lessons

Welcome & Kick-Off Celebrations

Tour the Google Offices

Visitez le Bureaux Google

Grade 3 to 6 Lessons

Code like a Googler with CS First

Coder comme un googleur avec CS First

What?! My Chromebook Can Do that?!

Wage a Battle with Google Sheets

Ara the Star Engineer Read-Aloud

Around the World in 45 Minutes

Be Internet Awesome

Digital Escape Room Challenge

Grade 7 to 12 Lessons

Next Steps to Code like a Googler

App-a-Palooza with Design Thinking

The Path to Becoming a Googler

Ask a Googler

Productivity Hacks with your Chromebook

Art Design with Google Sheets

Digital Escape Rooms - The Next Level

Découvrez une salle d'évasion avec des Formulaires Google

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