Show What You Know

Co-Taught Lesson Series

assessments are more than tests

There are so many ways students can demonstrate their learning.

But, it takes a lot to refresh assessments each school year.

And between classes to teach, meetings to attend, parents to email, how could you possibly fit in one more thing?

What if your new assessments this year didn’t have to start from scratch?

Imagine having new, creative assessments available to you all year.

Assessments that support student learning, student feedback and inspires each student to uniquely show what they know.

Assessments that encourage creativity, critical thinking, communication, problem-solving and collaboration.

That’s exactly what our Show What You Know series brings to your classroom each month!

Each Month, you'll receive ...

  • A rich assessment idea (including templates) to personalize and use with your class
  • Instructions to align this assessment strategy with your current curriculum
  • A customizable rubric with starting criteria to support feedback and student improvement
  • Access to the live 60-minute co-taught lesson where our facilitators guide you and your class in using the assessment template (think of us as your co-teacher for the hour)

assessments that work for your class

We know that a Kindergarten student has different needs and skills than a Grade 6 learner, so that’s why, each month, you’ll receive all the resources based on your division:

  • Kindergarten to Grade 3
  • Grade 4 to Grade 6
  • Grade 7 to Grade 9*

Assessment templates, instructions and the co-taught lesson are facilitated by an educator who specializes in that grade band and understands your students.

*Applicable to Grade 10-12 classes with modification.

Bi-Monthly Lesson Dates

Kindergarten to Grade 3

Last Tuesday of the Month

Grade 4 to Grade 6

Last wednesday of the Month

Grade 7 to Grade 9

Last Thursday of the Month

Rich Assessment ideas monthly

Each month there will be a new way to Show What You Know!  Check out the line-up so far:

  • September: Create your own Canadian Geographic Magazine Cover & Article*
  • November: Share Your Latest Learn with a News Broadcast
  • January: Awesome Audio with Podcasting
  • March & May 2022: Coming Soon!

*September’s Show What Your Know is available through our limited-time Free Preview event.

Let's reimagine your assessments Together

Whole School & School Board/District pricing is available, click here to request a custom quote.

One Month*


  • The assessment template
  • A customizable rubric
  • Instructions to support personalizing the assessment and rubric

*You’ll need to remember to register each month!

School-Wide or District Access

Starting at


  • Single month or full school-year lessons available

"It's recess [right now], but I don't care because this is fun!" - Tom, Student

Still not sure?

We invite you to join September for Free!

Yup, you read that right.  Just like those fancy channels on TV, we’re hosting a Free Preview of our Show What You Know Series to kick off the school year.

Click the button below to register for September where we are showing off our learning with a Canadian Geographic magazine!

You've got questions, we've got answers

Think of us as your virtual co-teacher for the hour.

Our facilitation team will facilitate the 60-minute lesson via a YouTube livestream.

Our team will support you and your students in setting up and beginning to work on your assessment for the month, answering your questions along the way.

Nope – that would be a lot of work and we’re all about saving you time!

Please just register the educator who will receive instructions, links and connection details.

One monthly subscription per educator please!

Each registration is for a single grade division.  If you teach multiple classes within the same grade division, you can use the recording and template with your classes.

If you would like access to a different grade division resource, you’ll need to register and pay for that subscription separately.

You bet!

We know things change quickly in the world of educators, especially when we are working with classes across all time zones, so the monthly co-taught lessons are recorded.

You’ll receive an email from us, 24-hours after the co-taught lesson with all the resources to use the recording with your class when it works the best for you!

You will have access to these recordings until July 2022.

Nothing!  We want to keep all student information private and will never ask you to share it with us.

During the livestream co-taught lesson, we’ll be using an interactive form.  The form only has two questions:

  • Your first name (or your teacher’s name – and optional!)
  • Your answer to the question asked

This allows us to interact with your class, while keeping their personal information safe.

Each student should have:

  • Access to a device (Chromebooks or laptops are preferred but iPads and Tablets will work too)
  • Access to the internet
  • Access to either Google for Education or Microsoft for Education tools

Inside the instructions each month, you’ll receive a list of specific equipment/tools we will be using if appliable.

You will receive monthly assessments for:

  • October
  • November
  • January
  • February
  • March
  • April
  • May

You will also receive September’s monthly assessment template/idea which is a part of our Free Preview promotion.

Registration is required to access all resources.

Each educator must register separately.

Whole School & School Board/District pricing is available, click here to request a custom quote.

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