Co-Taught Lessons for Secondary 1 to 5

Explore our five classroom-ready co-taught lessons for Grade 7 to Grade 11 students exploring how to harness the power of Microsoft for Education all while learning to rock your next class presentation, job interview, or group project!

From Idea to Presentation in under 60 Minutes

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This lesson is all about how to take your ideas and effectively create a presentation with them!  No more staring at a blank PowerPoint screen; we’ll share our best tips and tricks for getting all of your researched or created content into your slide deck and presenting it in an effective way.

Show Up in Style for your Next Presentation

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While you may think this lesson is all about your clothes, it’s not!  We’ll dive into the design side of your slides to make sure they are curated in a way to make impact and emphasis during your presentation.  We’ll talk colours, headers, and more to give your PowerPoint sides a design make-over.

We’ll also share our tips and tricks on how to give your oral presentation a make-over as well.  We’ll level you up all the way to rockstar confidence for your next presentation.

Did You Know PowerPoint Could Create ...

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Think Microsoft PowerPoint is just for Slides?  Well, think again!

Inside this lesson, we’ll show and share with you a bunch of different templates, all based in PowerPoint, that will blow your mind!  From hockey player cards to infographics, this is a lesson you don’t want to miss!

Stop with the Boring - Present Your Ideas Differently

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Whether it’s for a class presentation or a job interview, to stand out you need to be unique and effective.  Let’s scrap the “traditional” presentation to communicate your ideas and dive into other ways to present the information to your audience.  We’ll use the power of Microsoft Sway to explore all the different ways we can showcase your information beyond a slide deck!

Real or Fake - The Ultimate Digital Escape Room

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In the era of fake news, let’s put your critical thinking skills to the test as we examine various digital assets and figure out if they are real or fake.

This digital escape room using OneNote online will explore dis- and misinformation, the power of a selfie, the truth about password protection and 2-factor authentication, how legit a website is or not and building your own presence online. Can you figure out how to escape?

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