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Digital Portfolios Made Simple with OneNote Education

Collect evidence and organize it simply

A Digital Portfolio of student learning allows both you and your students to gather evidence of their learning, document their progress and facilitate reflection and feedback.

With so many tools out there (which come with so many extra logins), it’s difficult to know what to use to start creating digital portfolios.

If you have access to Microsoft for Education in your classroom, then we suggest using OneNote for your class’s digital portfolios. 

Why OneNote?  It’s one login, secure and safe for your students, supported by diverse accessibility tools and versatile to meet the needs of your unique students!

Support for you and your class

Educator Workshops and Co-Taught Lessons

Educator Workshops

When using Digital Portfolios, a bit of up-front organization is required by you, the classroom educator!

Inside our always-recorded, 60-minute hands-on workshops, specific for educators, we’ll share with you the various ways to set up the digital portfolios, sharing permissions, and organization behind-the-scenes.

Co-Taught Lessons

You won’t be the only one adding items to your digital portfolio, and we’re here to support that too!

Join us for our 60-minute co-taught lesson, where we’ll walk your students (and you) through how to add all of your evidence to the portfolio – taking this task off your to-do list!