Block by Block with Minecraft Education

A Series for Manitoba Educators and their Students

Let's dive into Minecraft together

Manitoba Educators and their students are invited to join The Cobblestone Collective as we explore how Minecraft Education (MCEDU) can be used in the classroom – specifically in Grades 4 & 5 Social Studies!

This FREE series includes 3 virtual PD workshops for you, along with a virtual co-taught lesson where we’ll join you and your class, allowing you to start using this incredible classroom tool, right away!

Minecraft Education
The Basics

Wednesday, March 8th

4 pm to 5 pm CT

Inside this educator workshop, you’ll learn the basics of Minecraft Education and how to set it up for your class. You’ll gain an understanding of what Minecraft Education is, how to navigate the game, how to place your first block and have to share worlds.

We’ll also go over what to expect during the co-taught lesson on March 15th, and what you need to set up prior to joining. We’ll also share details about how the lesson will be connected to Manitoba’s Social Studies curriculum in Grades 4 & 5. 

Whether you’ve tried to use Minecraft Education in the past, or this is your first year exploring this classroom tool, this workshop will give you the confidence to start exploring MCEDU with your class.

Exploring Fort Gibraltar
A Minecraft Co-Taught Lesson

Wednesday, March 15th
1 pm to 2pm CT

Joining your class virtually, a Cobblestone Collective team member will facilitate this introduction to Minecraft Education lesson alongside you as we explore Fort Gibraltar together!

Using a MCEDU world created by Fabrice Siaux, students will explore Fort Gibraltar and learn more about the cultural development of the Red River settlement in a fun and interactive way.  With Minecraft, you can step back in time and experience the exciting world of the voyageurs nearly two hundred years ago.

Can’t make the live lesson time?  No worries!  This lesson will be recorded, allowing you to add it to your class schedule when it works best for you.

Curricular alignment
and Assesssment Strategies

Wednesday, March 15th
4 pm to 5 pm CT

Now that you and your students know how to navigate in Minecraft Education and got a sneak peek at how it can be used to help them learn Social Studies concepts, it’s time to dive in to deeper curricular connections!  In this workshop, we’ll explore a variety of worlds that will help students better understand Manitoba’s First Peoples, early European colonization and more concepts inside the Grade 4 & 5 curriculum. 

We will also explore the assessment tools built into Minecraft Education (book & quill, camera and portfolio) support continuous feedback and learning, as well as both formative and summative assessments.

Ideas for
Extension Activities

Wednesday, March 22nd
4 pm to 5 pm CT

Minecraft Education also supports coding and computational thinking! Inside this educator workshop, we’ll explore coding fundamentals and our recommended worlds inside Minecraft Education to get you and your students coding!

We will also share a collaborative build challenge you can take back to your class to continue their exploration of Minecraft Education.  This will be a multiplayer activity, so inside this workshop, we’ll also explore how to build collaborative worlds, modify the settings and our best practices for classroom management to support collaborative learning environments inside your classroom.

Your Questions Answered

Of course!  We know how easy schedules change, and all workshops and the co-taught lesson will be recorded.  You’ll receive a link to the recorded workshop after each event.

Yes – both you and your students will need access to Minecraft Education for this series.  We invite you to connect with your school’s IT Team to see how you can get Minecraft Education loaded on your student’s devices and what your student’s usernames and passwords are.

Registration is for all 4 events – March 8th, 15th (x2), and 22nd!  We invite you to register and attend all events!

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