Even More Where in the World?! Mystery Guests

Co-Taught Lesson Series with Minecraft: Education Edition

Thank you Microsoft Canada & Minecraft: Education Edition for making this lesson series possible!

Over the next three weeks, you’ll receive a new Mystery Guest Speaker by email to guess where they are in the world!  Each mystery guest will share 4 clues about where they are to help you guess correctly.  After each guest speaker, you’ll have a Build Challenge to complete.

Just like our mystery guest speakers, we challenge you to build your own 4 clues inside a Minecraft: Education Edition world!


Start Here:

  1. Think of a place that you’ll create 4 clues for that location.  It could be a location from a book you’re reading, a place you want to travel or a place you’re learning about in school.
  2. Open and log into Minecraft: Education Edition.
  3. Start a new world and select the biome that fits your place the best.
  4. Use each Mystery Guest and Mini-Build Challenge to create your clues.
  5. Swap your final build with a partner and see if you can guess their mystery location.

Guest #1 - Brogan

Mini-Build Challenge #1

Estimated Build Time: 20 minutes

Brogan lives in quite the place!

Like the place, you’re creating clues for, what is unique about the landscape of your mystery location?  Does it have lots of water or lots of land? Does it have bike trails, highways or forests?

For your first clue, create the landscape of your mystery location!

Guest #2 - Dominique

Coming Soon!

Mini-Build Challenge #2

Coming Soon!

Estimated Build Time: 20 minutes

Do you have any idea where Dominique lives?

Inside this mini-build challenge, you’ll be adding a second clue into your Minecraft: Education Edition world.  This will be clue 2 of 4!

Like Dominique, music is a bit part of the place she lives.  Think about your mystery place – is music or art important?  Is there a famous creative from your mystery location you could use as a clue?

For your second clue, bring art (music, drama, visual arts) into the creation of your next clue!

Guest #3 - Lesleigh

Mini-Build Challenge #3

Estimated Build Time: 20 minutes

Did Lesleigh’s accent in the video give you a clue where to start searching?

Lik Lesleigh shared in her video, many places around the world have famous landmarks.  A landmark can be an object or feature of a landscape or town that is easily seen and recognized from a distance.  Does your mystery location have a landmark?

For your third clue, create the landmark associated with your mystery location!

Complete Your Build

Estimated Build Time: 30 minutes

Now that you have completed your first three clues, it’s time to add the finishing touches to your build!

Think of your final clue to add into your Minecraft: Education Edition mystery location.

When your build is complete, invite a friend or your teacher to see if they can guess where your mystery location is!