Co-Taught Lessons for Earth Week 2022

with Minecraft: Education Edition

Educator-Only Challenge Information

Big shout out to Minecraft Education for making Earth Week 2022 free of charge for all classrooms!

Earth Week Guest Speakers


How do you control pests in your garden or plants?  Parabug uses drones to control pests with good bugs! Invented in 2014 by a strawberry farmer, Parabug has been used to apply dozens of different types of “good bugs” to help farmers in many different crops. These beneficial insects are just one part of what farmers are doing to develop integrated pest management systems.  Inside the lesson, Parabug will share a few of their favourite fruits and vegetables, their common pests, plus the good bugs and the drones we use to apply them. 

Lufa Farms

Lufa Farms wants to create a better food system. Every day, we deliver directly to our customers (a.k.a. Lufavores) thousands of food baskets filled with our rooftop-grown veggies. We meet this daily challenge with a vision: to create a better food system, encompassing our rooftop farms and local agriculture in all shapes and sizes. This means farming on rooftops in cities, partnering up with local farmers and food makers, and creating a community of pick-up points to deliver all this food as directly as possible.

Area X.O

Area X.O, operated by Invest Ottawa, is a research and development complex that helps accelerate time-to-market and commercial adoption of next-gen technology.  Area X.O is a futureplex for imagination  It’s a serious playground for developing and validating serious tech. And we’re set up to help you every step of the way.

Dr. Rosie Oakes – Met Office

Dr. Oakes is a senior climate scientist at the Met Office. She works with people around the world to understand how they are affected by climate change and what information they need to help them plan for the future. She is also passionate about inspiring the next generation of climate scientists and is really looking forward to working with you all in this class.

Morgan Farrar – Minecraft: Education Edition

Morgan Farrar is a Customer and Field Readiness Manager on the Minecraft Education team. She joined the Minecraft team summer of 2021, and her focus is to work with school districts around the world to make sure they know how to leverage and use Minecraft in the classroom as well as provide resources to train and enable schools to drive engagement! She partners with the field teams at Microsoft globally to make sure our new content, programs, lessons, and events we launch get in front of teachers and students who want to use Minecraft effectively in their classrooms.