An Intro to Coding with Minecraft Education

A 2-Part Series for Educators and their Students

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Let's dive into Minecraft together

You and your class are invited to join this 2-Part Co-Taught Lesson series where we’ll explore coding together inside Minecraft Education.

Lesson 1 will take place on May 3rd at 10am Mountain | 12pm Eastern, and lesson 2 will take place on May 10th at 10am Mountain | 12pm Eastern. Can’t make the live lesson time? No worries! These lessons will be recorded, allowing you to add it to your class schedule when it works best for you.

Check out the lesson descriptions below, and register to attend the live lessons or receive the recordings!

Part 1
coding Basics

Wednesday, May 3rd
10am MDT | 12pm EDT

Using the CodeBuilder Tutorial World students will learn the basics of coding inside Minecraft Education by completing a number of challenges that increase in difficulty as they progress.

By the end of the tutorial students will be able to create their own commands and have some fun making it rain animals from the sky.

Part 2
Building with code

Wednesday, May 10th
10am MDT | 12pm EDT

Building on the coding concepts covered in Part 1, students will learn how to create more complex and powerful scripts that will automate the building process in Minecraft Education.

We will start the lesson reviewing some different types of geometrical shapes, such as cubes, cylinders, pyramids and more, then discover algorithms that will build those shapes, quickly, in Minecraft Education.  

By the end of this lesson, students will be on their way to becoming speedy expert builders, automating their designs with code.

Your Questions Answered

Of course!  We know how easy schedules change, and both of the co-taught lessons will be recorded.  You’ll receive a link to the recorded lesson after each event.

Nope! That’d be way too much work! We just need one registration per educator/classroom.

Yes – both you and your students will need access to Minecraft Education for this series. We invite you to connect with your school’s IT Team to see how you can get Minecraft Education loaded on your student’s devices and what your student’s usernames and passwords are.

Registration is for both lessons in the series. We invite you to register and attend both lessons, but if you can only attend one, that’s fine too!

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