Planning for 21st Century Learning

Innovative, strategic planning to deepen student learning featuring Microsoft for Education

In your first few years as an educator, there are a lot of things happening.  From getting to know your students, to participating in your school community, to lesson planning, assessment and feedback, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Microsoft Canada and both current and former educators to create this unique 4-part series specific to you – our New Teachers!

Inside each educator workshop, you’ll plan meaningful and authentic learning experiences that focus on 21st Century Learning skills. Together we will evaluate lessons using the 21 Century Learning Design Rubrics, dig into learning goals, success criteria, specific expectations, assessment and evaluation.

After these workshops, you’ll not only have created lessons plans and assessment opportunities for your class, but gained community through these unique cohorts and learned a few tips and along the way!

Your Workshops

Lesson Planning for

21st Century Learning

Unsure about the difference between learning goals, specific expectations and success criteria? Want to plan lessons that are meaningful, authentic and deepen the learning of students? Dig into what students really need to know and do in order to plan lessons that will provide them with 21st Century Skills.

Digging Deeper

with Lesson Planning

What comes first, the learning or the task? Want to go deeper into lesson design that will help you create more innovative learning experiences for students? Bring some of your science, social studies or chosen curriculum to create a rich task (or a series of tasks) that serves the learning goals and focuses on skills rather than content. Measure the effectiveness of your learning task using 6 different 21st Century Learning Design (21CLD) Rubrics.

Reflect, Refine

and Assess

How did your tasks measure up using the 21st CLD Rubrics? Looking at the overall learning goal, curriculum expectations and success criteria, what opportunities can you create for assessment, feedback and practice? In this session, time will be provided for reflection and feedback of the lesson creation process and an opportunity for more lesson creation with a focus on assessment for learning.


to Evaluation

What are we looking for when we are assessing students? What is evidence of student learning? How do we take effective notes of observation in order to truly reflect the learning in an unbiased manner? How do I translate observation into a report card comment? In this session, learn about the look fors when assessing students and how to put your learning goals, success criteria, feedback and observations into a carefully crafted report card comment.

**Please note that these workshops are not recorded.