In partnership with Lumio by SMART

Co-Taught Lessons

Grade 4 to 6 Classes

Getting to Know Lumio by SMART

Educator Workshop

In this 60-minute hands-on workshop, you’ll experience how to build awesome interactive and collaborative features into lessons you already have.  Then, you can deliver them live or asynchronously, in-class or remote, to any student device!  Talk about making it simple!

Is your Mind Full or are you Mindful?

Co-Taught Lesson

Students who engage in mindfulness practices oftentimes feel a positive impact on self-efficacy and experience cognitive improvements. Mindfulness can even help build stronger relationships! Inside this 60-minute co-taught lesson for Grade 4 to 6 classrooms, you and your students will explore mindfulness in order to discover what their mind is full of.

Let's Play with Poetry

Co-Taught Lesson

Whether you and your students love poetry, or not, this lesson is perfect to get those creative juices flowing! We’ll explore a variety of poetry styles and discover the style (or even lack of style) that fits our unique selves the best.  This lesson is for Grade 4 to 6 classes.

Algorithms and Sequences – Oh My!

Co-Taught Lesson

Students will identify a function of a computer, and then create the algorithm and sequence that would perform that task.  Then, we’ll explore how these algorithms and sequences work inside math – a perfect lesson for Grade 4 to 6 students!

Thank you to our friends at SMART for providing these workshops and lessons free of charge!