Level Up Calgary

Minecraft Education Co-Taught Lessons

Level Up Calgary

We are excited to be partnering with Minecraft Education to offer the following lessons for teachers and students to learn together. Designed for classes at the Calgary Board of Education, Calgary Catholic School Division and Rocky View Schools, these lessons are open to any classes across Canada who would like to explore the City of Calgary inside Minecraft Education and learn more about the Level Up challenges found inside the world.  

The following lessons are open to any classes who would like to attend. No registration is necessary. 

Minecraft Basics

This teacher-with-student session will consist of an introduction to game-based learning as well as an overview of the in-game features to understand & experience game settings, movement, placing, and breaking blocks. Please download Minecraft Education on all teacher and student devices before the session.

Minecraft Intermediate

This teacher-with-student session will cover Minecraft Education in more detail. You will learn how to find the different lessons, create worlds and have your students join games. We will explore how Minecraft can be used in the classroom to interact with students. The session will also include a brief intro to Science and other learning tools within the gamification model as well as different ways to troubleshoot common issues. Please download Minecraft Education on all teacher and student devices before the session.

Your Questions Answered

Of course!  We know how easy schedules change, and the co-taught lessons will be recorded and available at the same link as the livestream.

Yes – both you and your students will need access to Minecraft Education for this series.  We invite you to connect with your school’s IT Team to see how you can get Minecraft Education loaded on your student’s devices and what your student’s usernames and passwords are.

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