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Our Favourite Google Drive Keyboard Shortcuts

You use it all the time.

Your Google Drive is where everything lives: your lessons, check-in forms, assessments, extra help resources, class photos, staff meeting agendas, school policies and so much more.

And you’re probably like us, always using your mouse to click where you need to go.

Did you know your keyboard can make navigating Google Drive easier?!

Whether you are on a Chromebook (and don’t like the two-finger right-click), your mouse is out of reach or you’re just more of the keyboard-type, here are our 5 favourite Google Drive keyboard shortcuts

Google Drive Keyboard Shortcuts

“p” is for Preview

Rather than opening up all of your files to see what’s inside, try typing “p” on your keyboard next time.  The “p” key shows you a preview of your file (no matter what it is) saving you from having to open it up!  No more waiting for all the tabs to load!

“n” is for Renaming

Having files with the correct names on them saves a bunch of time, but rather than right-clicking and selecting “Rename,” try hitting the “n” key.  You do need to make sure your file is selected (click it once so it’s selected) before using this shortcut.

“s” is for the Stars

Do you use your Starred menu? If you do, you can easily add and remove files to your Starred folder by using the “s” key. 

“.” is for Sharing

While we aren’t quite sure why the “.” (period/full spot) was picked, it’s pretty handy when you need to quickly share your Google Drive file!  Tap the “.” key and you’ll automatically open up your sharing window!

“z” is to Move

Create your file in the wrong location?  Need to move it?  Select the file and type “z” to open your move menu.  Pro-tip: If you don’t know where a file lives, use the “z” key to see what folder it’s stored in to find it next time.

“v” is for List or Grid View

Use the benefits of both list view and grid view by typing “v” to quickly change between both options.  We like list view the best to see the entire name and grid view to see a mini ‘preview’ of the file!

Do you have another favourite keyboard shortcut in Google Drive?  Let us know over on Instagram here or by leaving a comment below.

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