EquatIO for your Classroom

A Play & Pause Resource in partnership with Texthelp

Making math digital is no longer a struggle with Texthelp’s EquatIO!

EquatIO helps you move your math class out of the pen and paper era and into digital instruction.  When math is digital, it becomes more accessible and visual.

Let us help make math digital with this FREE EquatIO Play & Pause resource where you will learn to use EquatIO and create four ready-to-use activities for your next math class!

These activities are geared for a Grade 7 or 8 mathematics classroom, and can be easily adapted to both lower and higher grades.

What is a Play & Pause resource?

A Play & Pause resource is a series of intentionally designed videos to help walk you through a new idea.  Bite-sized videos full of new ideas, on your own schedule and at your own pace.

Thank you Texthelp for funding this EquatIO resource!

"I'm not good with technology but it's the first time that I finish a training and that I have the feeling of being "better"! Usually, I just feel more "stupid" because I'm overwhelmed with all the information that was given. The Play and Pause format is really great!"

- Marie-Claude, Educator, EMSB

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