Earth Week 2022 with Minecraft: Education Edition


Submission Deadline

Winners Announced

April 18th to 22nd

Friday, May 6th

Monday, May 16th

For Earth Week 2022, let’s explore how our world’s climate is affected by things we do every day.  From the agricultural supply chain (how our food gets to us) to deforestation (and what our forests will look like in 100 years) and transportation (how do we move and connect sustainably), there is a lot impacting our climate’s future.

This year, we invite you and your students to learn together with the 3 Climate Futures worlds in Minecraft: Education Edition, developed in partnership with The Met Office, and put your new knowledge into practice through our Earth Week 2022 Build Challenge!  Each lesson and world aligns to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

And just like the UN Sustainable Development Goals can only be realized through collaboration, the team at The Cobblestone Collective and Minecraft: Education Edition is here every step of the way as we celebrate Earth Week 2022 together.

We'll be your co-teacher for this adventure

Learn with Us

Participate in our live co-taught lessons with your students (3rd to 10th grade), during your school day, as we explore the Climate Futures Worlds!

Each lesson is packed with new knowledge to help your students discover what is impacting our climate’s future from the NPC’s inside the world to the guest speakers joining the lesson.

Our on-screen team is your co-teacher for the 90-minutes as we learn together, with Minecraft: Education Edition. We’ll facilitate this learning adventure for you and your students, guiding you each step of the way.

The Build Challenge

Show off your learning and enter to win some awesome prizes from Minecraft!  The Earth Week 2022 Build Challenge is open from Monday, April 18th to  Friday, May 6th for students aged 8 to 18.

Your students are invited to complete our build challenge by answering the question:

“What is one invention that could help improve our Climate’s Future?”

Learn how to submit your challenge for your chance to win prizes for your entire class!

Register & Submit your Build

Is your class finished their build challenge?

As the Teacher Supervisor, click the button below to complete the registration form.  You’ll receive the link to submit your students’ completed challenge to the contest by email.

Thank you Minecraft: Education Edition for providing Earth Week 2022 programming free of charge to classes everywhere!