STEAMing Ahead 2.0

with Google Canada

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Digging Deep into Data

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Creating your own Beats

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Behind the Scenes of Mobile Apps

Code on the Go

Q&A with Software Developers

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Please Note:

STEAMing Ahead 2.0 will feature 4 free Google coding platforms (breakbeatcodeKaggleFlutter and Grasshopper).  While we recognize that these programs may not be approved at the School Board level, our goal is to expose students to the possibilities for exploring Computer Science, keeping in mind the importance of Digital Citizenship.  If there are any Board-Level or Parent permissions required for participation, please ensure that those have been collected in advance of May 24th.

As we explore breakbeatcode, Kaggle and Flutter, there will be no sign-in required for students to participate with the hands-on activities. In the case of Grasshopper, students will be required to use a Google account in order to participate, however, in any of the above cases, if you would prefer that students watch the broadcast without hands-on exploration of the applications, there will still be opportunities for classroom discussion and reflections throughout each of the lessons.

After exploring these 4 coding platforms we will also be offering a final lesson where we’ll learn more about the pathways that lead our guest speakers to their current careers as Software Developers.  Students will also have the opportunity to ask any questions they may have.