Coding Across the Curriculum with CS First

August 2022 to June 2023

As educators, we want to make sure that students have access to all of the skills that they’ll need to be successful today and 10 years down the road.  That’s why CS First in the classroom is so important.

CS First is a free introductory computer science curriculum that makes it easy to implement computer science into almost any subject area.

Much like a pen, pencil or calculator, CS First is a valuable tool that enables our students to demonstrate their learning in a fun and engaging way.    

"This was the best thing I’ve ever done thank you for doing this to help us know how to code" ~ Student

Throughout the entire 2022 – 2023 school year, you and your class are invited to explore coding throughout the curriculum through educator workshops, co-taught lessons and asynchronous resources!

Alongside your class and Canadian Googlers, join our Winter/Spring kick-off co-taught lesson on Tuesday, January 24th, as we celebrate STEAM through our very first coding lesson together.  Code alongside the pros and ask your questions to the Googlers.

Continuing throughout the school year, join our live co-taught lessons (or watch the recordings) as we dive into subject-specific and grade-specific content each week.  Each lesson is accompanied by a Cobblestone Crate, an asynchronous package to continue your coding journey.

Full details about this comprehensive series can be found within this 30 minute info session recording.

Save your spot inside the lessons

Use the buttons below to sign up for the CS First Educator Workshops and Co-Taught Lessons.

The co-taught lessons will run twice, with identical lessons, throughout the 2022-2023 school year.  The first cohort of lessons will run from September 2022 through to November 2022.  The second cohort of lessons will run from January 2023 through to May 2023.

After registering for a co-taught lesson, you’ll have access to our Teacher Guide where you’ll have access to all of the Educator Workshops!

Frequently Asked Questions

Think of us as a virtual guest speaker.

Our facilitation team handles the lesson planning and facilitation of a lesson with your teachers and their students together.

Each lesson showcases the ideas and strategies allowing both the teacher and students to learn new skills through modelling.

Find out more about your co-taught lessons here.

Similar to the meal plans such as Hello Fresh and Chef’s Plate, Cobblestone Crate lesson plans are equally easy to prepare, where most of the ‘ingredients’ are included, yet will still allow you to ‘spice it up’ with ingredients from your own pedagogical pantry.

Added bonus: Unlike Hello Fresh, our ingredients won’t expire, so you can use these lesson plan ideas whenever it fits your schedule best. 

Each activity inside the Crate is designed to take approximately 1-2 hours to complete.  You may choose to work through all of the activities together as a class or assign them as an independent study for your students – both options work!

By registering for this co-taught lesson series, you’ll receive a Cobblestone Crate created just for your class to continue your journey in coding.

If you want to explore other Cobblestone Crates, please click here.

Nope! Register for the subject area, and you’ll receive the link to the live lesson as access to the entire Cobblestone Crate for that subject area.

If you can make it to the live lesson, awesome!  If not, use the Cobblestone Crate to learn on your own.

Nope – that would be a lot of work, and we’re all about saving you time!

Please just register the educators of your class (teacher, EA, support staff, etc.)

Please do not register your students.

None!  We want to keep all student information private and will never ask you to share it with us.

During the livestream lesson, we’ll be using an interactive form.  The form only has two questions:

  • Your first name (or your teacher’s name – and optional!)
  • Your answer to the question asked

This allows us to interact with your class, while keeping their personal information safe.

Yes.  For the best experience (both during the live co-taught lesson and to access the Cobblestone Crate), your students will need access to a device connected to the internet.

CS First is a web-based program and will work on Chromebooks, iPads, laptops, and tablets.

Depending on the lesson and resource you’ve selected, there may or may not be items to set up before joining us.

For the Kick-off lesson, no advanced prep is required.  For all other lessons, you’ll need to have your class set up in CS First and have added the appropriate activity.

Prior to each lesson, we’ll be sending you an email with all the set-up instructions.  And if you still have questions, you can always reply back and we’ll make sure you’re ready to go!

Of course, you can!  CS First is easily implemented within a Microsoft for Education environment too – all that is needed is a device and the internet. 

All of our recorded educator workshops from August 2022 are located in the Teacher Guide you’ll receive after registering for at least one of our upcoming co-taught lessons.

" Thank you so much!! This was a wonderful activity for my students.

Some of the comments from my class were: "This is GREAT!"

"I love this!" and "Can we use this more in class?!" "~ Educator