Hour of Code with Minecraft: Education Edition

Computer Science Education Week Co-Taught Lessons

Three coding lessons for your class

Our Guest Speakers

Nouhaila Chelkhaoui

Nouhaila is the founder of Scale Without Borders and she leads the Women Founders program at The DMZ (Ryerson University) where she helps women tech entrepreneurs scale their startups into world-class businesses that create global impact. Not to mention, Nouhaila was recently awarded the 2021 Bay Street Bull’s Woman of the Year for her outstanding contributions in technology!

Diviyan Matheendran

Diviyan brings a wealth of experience working for Microsoft in the computer science world. He recognized early on that he can follow his passion of gaming as he developed knowledge around technology. Diviyan currently works with XBOX as a Halo Esports manager - how cool!

Cat Lamin

After 11 years as a Primary School Teacher, Cat escaped the classroom to share her passion for computing with educators around the world, which led her to travel to Brazil, Dubai, Belgium and more. Cat is a self-professed geek girl who loves technology and is proud to be be passionate about coding.

Andrew Wong

Andrew is finishing up his business degree at Simon Fraser University with an internship at Microsoft as the Minecraft: Education Edition Product Marketing Manager. Prior to entering the tech world, Andrew had experience in other industries in companies like Pepsi, Deloitte, and Fraser Health! His work experiences have helped him find his passion in technology and hopes to find a way to use technology to make a world a better and inclusive place.

Suzzane Balima

Suzanne is an innovation designer with a diverse toolkit including her degree in Biomedical Mechanical Engineering which allows her to support a variety of projects focusing on technology implementation. In her current role, Suzanne uses technology tools to prototype, test and scale. Suzanne is using computer science in fascinating ways including examining how to mine resources from other planets using robotics.

Kiron Mukherjee

Kiron is an educator who works as the ROMKids Camp Director. Kiron is also a professor with Fleming College and their Environmental Visual Communications program where he challenges students to tell innovative stories with integrity and narrative in a society full of misinformation.

Stephen Sills

Stephen Sills is the Co-Founder & Creative Director at Student Life Network. His experience in the tech industry has allowed him to support and build exceptional online Canadian communities that include over 4 million members and partners. Everyday, Stephen leverages the power of creativity and technology to bring his ideas to life to help his team, his members, and his partners.

David Sutherland

RCMP Cyber Crimes Detective

Paul Keenan

Paul Keenan is a Senior Mentor with FIRST Canada. He spends his time in technology working with individuals and different robotics teams. Paul spent the first 25 years of his career as a Computer Science teacher. He has experienced teaching through the boom of technology as an innovator and creator. He continues to share his knowledge and experiences in computer science and technology through robotics.

Curriculum Connections

  • Solve problems and create computational representations of mathematical situations by writing and executing code, including code that involves conditional statements and other control structures.
  • Develop and use multiple strategies to engage in problem-solving.
  • Use familiar tools and technologies to extend their capabilities when completing a task
  • Demonstrate a willingness to learn new technologies as needed
  • Formulate problem definitions suited for technology-assisted methods such as data analysis, abstract models, and algorithmic thinking in exploring and finding solutions.
  • Create code by decomposing situations into computational steps in order to represent mathematical concepts and relationships, and to solve problems

Lesson Schedule

Each lesson is repeated throughout the week, allowing you and your class the most flexibly to join us live.  Click on your time zone to see when the lessons are offered.  Remember to add them to your class calendar!

You've got questions, we've got answers!

We suggest starting by clicking here.  This is the download page where you and your students can download Minecraft: Education Edition for free.  If you’re using school devices, you may need to talk to your IT Team.

If Minecraft: Education Edition is a supported learning tool at your school board/district, you’ll receive usernames and passwords from your IT Team.  They are often the same as your Microsoft Education usernames and passwords.

If you do not have usernames and passwords, you and your class can still join in for “Coding with MakeCode” and “Coding with Python” as the TimeCraft world is a part of the demo lesson offerings.

If you’re looking to bring Minecraft: Education Edition to your school, here’s a great place to start!

What is a ‘co-taught lesson?’

Think of us as your guest speaker or co-teacher for this lesson.  We’ll join your class, via Teams Live, and facilitate the lesson with you.  We’ll show you and your class how to use Minecraft and help if you get stuck!

Teaching in person? Project this lesson on the screen at the front of the classroom!

Teaching virtually?  Jump into a video call with your class and share your screen!

You bet! 

The replay of the lesson, “Coding with MakeCode,” will be available as of Monday, December 6th at 3pm EST.

The replay of the lesson, “Coding with MakeCode,” will be available as of Tuesday, December 7th at 9am EST.

The replay of the lesson, “Coding Build Challenge,” will be available as of Friday, December 10th at 12noon EST.

We have no plans on removing any content from this page anytime soon!  You will have access to the replays until, at least, June 2022.