Cobblestone Crates

Your Next Lesson Plan Made Easy

Do you like the idea of our co-taught lessons, but find it difficult to fit into your schedule?

Fret not, friend, we’ve got something for you – Cobblestone Crates!

The best part?  They’re all FREE to add to your next lesson.

What is a Cobblestone Crate?

Similar to the meal plans such as HelloFresh and Chef’s Plate, Cobblestone Crate lesson plans are equally easy to prepare, where most of the ‘ingredients’ are included, yet will still allow you to ‘spice it up’ with ingredients from your own pedagogical pantry.

Added bonus: Unlike HelloFresh, our ingredients won’t expire, so you can use these lesson plan ideas whenever it fits your schedule best. 

Each activity inside the Crate is designed to take approximately 1-2 hours to complete.  You may choose to work through all of the activities together as a class or assign them as an independent study for your students – both options work!

Inside every Cobblestone Crate, you’ll receive:

  • A subject-specific, multi-day activity pack designed to be implemented on your class schedule

  • An introductory video to introduce your co-teachers and help set the stage for your students

  • A minimum of 5 additional activity videos which provide step-by-step instructions for your students.

  • Asynchronous student engagement opportunities

  • Reflection activities and suggested sharing options

  • Asynchronous support via email at

Your Cobblestone Crate Lesson Choices

Frequently Asked Questions

All of your lessons are packaged into a concise video, typically between 20-30 minutes.  We encourage you to preview them beforehand to ensure a basic understanding of the concepts being discussed.

Pro-Tip: Open the video directly in YouTube, speed up the playback speed and open the transcripts for quicker viewing!

We encourage you and your class to pause the videos at certain times for class discussions, student reflections and Minecraft: Education Edition Build Time.

Student reflections can be posted to a Microsoft Form provided during the videos.  No personal student information is collected beyond their first name.

Some student reflections will be highlighted as part of our Honourable Mention feed on our website. Only student first names will be listed on the feed, along with their reflections.

You can expect each activity to take between 1-2 hours to complete. A Crate contains 5 activities, so a total of 10 hours is suggested.

That said, you can use 1 or all of the activities.  We also know that students love to build inside Minecraft: Education Edition, so you can always add on additional build time.  Refer to each Crate’s lesson plan for more details on the timing.

Reflection activities and sharing strategies will be provided for each activity, but we’ll leave any assessment techniques up to you, recognizing the many different assessment options that are out there