Co-Taught Lessons

A New Kind of Teacher Professional Development

We all just need more time.

More time to learn, more time to play and more time connecting with our students.

Traditional teacher professional development requires a lot of extra time and money.  From hosting workshops outside of regular teaching hours to securing funding to cover substitute teachers, educator professional development is expensive!

Regular teacher-focused professional development shares new ideas with educators separate from the classroom itself.  Educators learn about tools and strategies, but never see how they work inside a real-life lesson! They are expected to take what they have learned from their PD workshop, and apply it blindly to their classroom environment.

Our co-taught lessons change that.

So what is a 'co-taught lesson?'

Think of us as a virtual guest speaker.

Our facilitation team handles the lesson planning and facilitation of a lesson with your teachers and their students together.

Each lesson showcases the ideas and strategies allowing both the teacher and students to learn new skills through modeling.

Worried about student privacy? Don’t fret, friend – the lessons are hosted via live stream and they aren’t even on camera!

What Educators are saying:

A Look Inside a Co-Taught Lesson

"It is recess but I don't care because this is fun" - Tom, Student

Let's bring teacher professional development into the classroom!

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