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Learn to Code with Minecraft: Education Edition

Learn to code with 3 co-taught lessons!

For Computer Science Education Week 2021, we teamed up with Minecraft: Education Edition to bring coding lessons to your classroom virtually.  Each 90-minute co-taught lesson welcomed a different new guest speaker who shared their journey into the world of computer science.

We then open up Minecraft: Education Edition where we learned to code with either MakeCode (block-based programming) or Python (text-based programming).

To wrap up all of the code learning, we challenge you and your students to a Code Build Challenge – can your students create their own TimeCraft time warp that uses code to fix it?!

Thank you to all of the guest speakers who learned with us during the week! Click each name below to hear their story:

When you and your students are ready to get coding, jump into the co-taught lessons below!

Teaching in person? Project the lessons below on the screen at the front of the classroom!

Teaching virtually? Gather with your class inside a video call, and share your screen as you share the lesson below (or send them this link)!

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