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Breakout Rooms in Microsoft Teams

Classroom management in a online classroom...

… is not as easy as it looks.

Breakout Rooms can help:

  • Have your students collaborate with each other in a small group
  • Differentiate or support a specific group of students while others are working
  • Have a “Question” area during work time, so you don’t interrupt others!

Microsoft Teams is your classroom hub and has just leveled up its power with breakout rooms.

The video below is a recording of our live workshop where we explore how to set-up and use breakout rooms.

You can access all of the resources at: TheCC.Page/breakoutwithteams.

Inside the recorded workshop, you had a sneak peak of Microsoft Whiteboard (your perfect Teams companion).

If you are looking for more learning on Microsoft Whiteboard, check out these two workshops:

How are you using Breakout Rooms in Microsoft Teams?  Let us know in the comments below or on our latest Instagram post.

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