Author: Emily

Co-Taught Lessons

Do you need a break?

Are you tired of reinventing the wheel? Are you out of ideas to engage your students in new and exciting ways? Are there just not enough hours in the day? Click here to be the first to know about our upcoming week of co-taught lessons to help support you in the classroom!

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Math & Science

EquatIO in Your Classroom

Teaching virtually is hard. Teaching math and science online is down right excruciating. That’s why we’ve paired up with Texthelp to help math and science educators make their curriculum digital with EquatIO (a free tool for teachers).

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G Suite

Our Favourite Google Drive Keyboard Shortcuts

Did you know your keyboard can make navigating Google Drive easier?!

Whether you are on a Chromebook (and don’t like the two-finger right-click), your mouse is out of reach or you’re just more of the keyboard-type, here are our 5 favourite Google Drive keyboard shortcuts: p, n, s, ., z, and v

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