STEAMing Ahead in 2021

powered by Google for Education with Canadian Googlers

Are you ready to dive into a full day of STEAM powered learning?

Let’s end the school year in full-force as we learn about science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) from each other and real Googlers!

Join us for a full day of inspiration, coding, art design, digital escape rooms, and more – all on a Chromebook (or device of your choice)!

A Full Day of Co-Taught Lessons

Think of us as your virtual co-teacher for the day.

Our facilitation team handles the planning and facilitation of each lesson – no additional prep required.  All recorded lessons are hosted on YouTube for each access!

There are two pathways for class to discover:

"It is recess [right now] but I don't care because this is fun!" ~ Tom, Student

All the co-taught lessons inside STEAMing Ahead 2021 are interactive and inspirational.  Students will use their devices to learn alongside Googlers during each 30- or 45-minute session on Tuesday, May 25th, 2021.

Your questions answered

It’s Free!  STEAMing Ahead 2021 is powered by Google for Education who is making this event free for all students and teachers.

Nope – that would be a lot of work and we’re all about saving you time!

Please just register the educators of your class (teacher, EA, support staff, etc.)

Please do not register your students.

YES! We know things change quickly in the world of educators (especially when we are broadcasting across all time zones), so all of our co-taught lessons are recorded.

Sign up for the ‘live lesson’ and you’ll receive the recording 24-hours after the lesson takes place.

Best part?  You can use the recorded lesson anytime that works for you!

Nothing!  We want to keep all student information private and will never ask you to share it with us.

During the livestream lesson, we’ll be using an interactive form.  The form only has two questions:

  • Your first name (or your teacher’s name – and optional!)
  • Your answer to the question asked

This allows us to interact with your class, while keeping their personal information safe.

Each student should have:

  • Access to a device (Chromebooks are perfect, and other computers will work too)
  • Access to the internet
  • Headphones are also encouraged

Depending on the lesson selected, we will be using the following web-based tools:

What if I teach virtually?

The lessons are hosted via YouTube Live, which means all of your students can join in from their own devices and their own locations. Better yet? Your students (and you) can pause the stream at any time to give more time to solve a tech problem or to have a quick break before returning.

What if I teach face-to-face?

This will work for you too! Project the lesson (from YouTube Live) onto your classroom learning display screen. We’ll take it from there, guiding you and your students through the lesson each step of the way. If we go too fast, no problem. Pause the stream at any time to give your class more time to solve a tech problem or to have a quick break before returning.

What if I’ve never coded before?

Don’t worry! You definitely don’t need to be a STEAM expert. It’s almost better if you’re not as you get a chance to learn alongside your students. Think about these lessons as the subject-specific teacher coming into your class to co-teach for a day with you. We’ll be there to answer all of the technical questions that you or your students may have.

Let's Get Your Class Learning!