STEAMing Ahead in 2021

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The learning doesn’t stop here!

Explore a few of our favourite tips and tricks below:

April Fools Jokes from Google

In a Google Search, type...

… Do a barrel roll (then hold on tight)

… Super Mario Bros (then click the coin box that appears)

… Cha Cha Slide (then click on the microphone)

… Play Snake (what’s your high score?)

… What sound does a dog make (which is your favourite?)

… Friends + Phoebe (then click the guitar)

Google Doodles

Click on the ‘Google’ that appears to interact with it!

Google Assistant Fun

Using your Google Home, or other smart device, as the following questions:

  • Hey Google, make me a sandwich
  • Hey Google, magic 8 ball
  • Hey Google, play mad libs
  • Hey Google, tell me a joke

Other Awesome Stuff