A Week of Co-Taught Lessons

Monday, March 22nd to Friday, March 26th | For Grade 3 to 8 classes in Québec

You just need more time.

More time to grade, more time to lesson plan, more time to collaborate with colleagues, more time to explore new ideas, and more time for your own self-care.

While we can’t add more hours into the day (or make summer come any sooner), we can join your class for an hour and facilitate a lesson.

Yup, a lesson, specific to the English Québec curriculum, that you don’t have to plan – all you have to do is just show up with your students.

We’ve teamed up with Microsoft Canada and Minecraft Education to bring you a week full of virtual lessons for you and your class for FREE!

So what is a "co-taught lesson?"

Think of us as your virtual guest speaker.

You’re tired of reinventing the wheel for each lesson, so that’s why we take on the lesson planning, aligning to the English Québec curriculum connections, facilitation of the lesson, and provide you with next step activities to continue the learning.

We will join your class through a livestream allowing your students to join from the classroom or virtually.

Teaching in-person?  Project us on the screen if you are in-person.

Teaching virtually?  Send the livestream link straight to your students to join.

Plus, 2021 is already hectic and overwhelming enough, so no prior ‘learning’ is required by you!

Your Lesson Schedule

With a new co-taught lesson every day, there is a lot of learning for your class to join.  Click the lessons that you want to register for (we’re currently working on adding more!):

Monday, March 22nd

9:30 am EDT to 10:30 am EDT

Are you ready to tap into your creative potential with Microsoft PowerPoint and your students?

Inspired by the geometric brilliance of Canadian Elyse Dodge, students will learn how to create, combine, and colour shapes to design a vibrant and unique digital masterpiece.

Tuesday, March 23rd

9:30 am EDT to 10:30 am EDT

No field trip forms required; we’re bringing the Puzzle Room to you with the power of OneNote!

Join us for this 60-minute lesson as we learn more about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through a digital escape room.

9h30 à 10h30

Saviez-vous que nous avons tous des choses dont nous pouvons être reconnaissants?

Des choses si petites que nous ne prenons pas le temps de les reconnaître. Les journaux de reconnaissance nous aident à prêter attention aux petites choses de la vie et à apporter des moments de bonheur reconnus dans notre quotidien. Dans cette leçon, nous allons discuter du pourquoi de la reconnaissance et commencer notre propre voyage en créant notre propre journal de reconnaissance à l’aide de Microsoft OneNote

1:00 pm EDT to 2:00 pm EDT

Let’s get to the heart of data collection!

We’ll practice collecting and analyzing data based on our resting, active, and recovery heart rates in this co-taught lesson and learn a few tricks along the way on how to effectively manage all that data!

Aorta be a great time!

1:00 pm EDT to 2:00 pm EDT - 90 minutes

Boohzoo Aniin!  Travel back in time with us to experience Anishinaabe culture, community and teachings in Minecraft: Education Edition.

We’ll learn and explore the important lessons shared by the Anishinaabe Elders and knowledge keepers.  This is also not your typical “Minecraft” lesson. Rather than ‘building,’ this lesson will use Minecraft as the source of content to learn more about the Anishinaabe peoples and worldview.

Wednesday, March 24th

9:30 am EDT to 10:30 am EDT

Join us for this 2-part lesson where you and your students will learn together and explore engaging ways to integrate Minecraft: Education Edition into your class.

In Part#1 (Wednesday), we’ll cover the basics of building in Minecraft, allowing your students to unleash their creativity by building a local landmark of their choice.

Also remember to join for us Part #2 on Friday morning!

9:30 am EDT to 10:30 am EDT

Dive into the creative process with us as we go from brainstorming, to an idea, to a prototype in 60-minutes!  You’ll be given a problem to solve and work through how to create a solution for it.

We’ll use some of our favourite tools like Microsoft Whiteboard, PowerPoint and Sway to curate our ideas and designs.

Thursday, March 25th

9:30 am EDT to 10:30 am EDT

Join this co-taught lesson with your class where we’ll explore mindfulness and ways to support our mental-emotional health. We will practice different techniques to help address stress and promote wellness.

1:00 pm EDT to 2:00 pm EDT

A story is so much more than just the words on the page.

Diving into the parts of a hero’s journey, we’ll break down our writing into bite-size chunks and ultimately create our own story using Microsoft Sway.  Through words, images and design, we’ll create your own digital story to share.

This same lesson is available en français and is offered at the same time.

13h00 à 14h00

Le pouvoir d’une histoire va bien au-delà du simple récit des faits, c’est un moyen de créer une émotion, une expérience et une connexion avec votre lecteur.

Dans ce cours de 60 minutes, nous allons commencer à raconter votre histoire – l’histoire d’un héros!

Friday, March 26th - 9:30am EDT

9:30 am EDT to 10:30 am EDT

Do you know what is real or fake online? How many characters does a strong password have?  How long does something ‘live’ on the internet for?

Join us for the answers to these questions (and so many others) in our free, 60-minute co-taught lesson where we dive into what digital citizenship really means.

9:30 am EDT to 10:30 am EDT

Join us for this 2-part lesson where you and your students will learn together and explore engaging ways to integrate Minecraft: Education Edition into your class.

In Part#2 (Friday), we will work with the structures built through various lens (from writing, to math to science and social studies!)  Part #1 is happens on Wednesday and we encourage all classes to complete that lesson (live or recorded) to be ready for this lesson!

1:00 pm EDT to 2:00 pm EDT

Finish off your week with a bang!

Are your problem solving skills up to this challenge?  Join in on this co-taught lesson as we complete a scavenger hunt while exploring all the awesome features of Immersive Reader and other amazing surprises found inside your Microsoft Tools!

Do you have what it takes to successfully complete all the challenges?

You have questions. We've got answers.

Our recommended grade is Grade 3 to Grade 8 for each lesson.

However, you know your class the best – so please use this as a guideline.

Nope – that would be a lot of checkouts to complete and we’re all about saving you time!

Please just register the educators of your class (teacher, EA, support staff, etc.)

Please do not register your students.

Yes!  As a parent, you can totally register to receive a link to our lesson (we do encourage you to send this information to your child’s teacher to let them know!

We also know that some students are off on Spring Break during the week, so this is great programming for that week as well!

YES! We know things change quickly in the world of educators (especially when we are talking across Canada!), so all of our lessons are recorded.

Sign up for the ‘live lesson’ and you’ll receive the recording 24-hours after the lesson takes place.

Best part?  You can use the recorded lesson anytime that works for you!

Nothing!  We want to keep all student information private and will never ask you to share it with us.

During the livestream lesson, we’ll be using an interactive form.  The form only has two questions:

  • Your first name (or your teacher’s name – and optional!)
  • Your answer to the question asked

This allows us to interact with your class, while keeping their personal information safe.

What could you do with one less lesson to plan?

Whether it’s investing that hour back into your students, or giving it to yourself (we encourage the latter), let us help.

Head over to our listing of workshops to sign your class up for FREE!

Can’t wait to see you inside the lesson.