Connecting together to build foundations for learning

Professional Development that just makes sense

Learning how to integrate technology shouldn’t have to require release time and hours in the evening.

Every year we support over 20,000 educators and their students through co-taught lessons, hands-on workshops, office hours, asynchronous resources, customized professional development and more.

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We're a team of educators, and we get it

As a global network of current and former educators, we’re passionate about collaborating and sharing best practices for learning.

And, to help reduce overwhelm and burnout (we’ve been there ourselves), we provide our learning opportunities in a variety of ways, allowing you to learn best (just like we do for our students).

From lessons where we’ll co-teach your class with you, while you and your student learn a new skills, to our always-recorded hands-on workshops so you can learn on your own schedule (hopefully with your feet up).

All of our events are facilitated by our global team as they share their best tips, tricks and ideas with you in easy, bite-size.  You (and your class) are invited to join a workshop with us today!